Inspired from tumblr guys and lookbookers all around the world. I would like to thank skater boys, street-style fashionistas and some other guys that really inspired me to pull off this look. Yeah I've been hooking up with style inspirations from a couple of western-based websites and I'm just really excited to try one on and walk the Philippine streets.

BOY | GIRL CAP. Get the street vibe wearing big statement caps. Of course anyone can look cool with it worn just half way through on the head styled with a brush-up or coiffed hair. Yeah it's quite hard to look for caps like this but they usually have it in online shops or some brands.

BINOCULARS. Round shades for a sunny day or clear glasses could work. I mean nothing can really go wrong when it comes to accessorizing with glasses. Just choose the right color, the right frames and the right outfit and you're good to go.

VERTICAL-STRIPED OVER-SIZED TOP. When it comes to over-sized tops you can actually style it in a lot of ways; you can either just let it drop and pair it with skinny jeans or you can tuck it in just like what I did in my look. Tuck in the front and let it drop at the back. Of course you can always roll up those sleeves to show off those muscles if you have, but even if you don't, it actually gives a lot of sexy vibe in your look.

CREEPERS FROM PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. Just bought a pair of creepers that I was really checking out a long time ago (Hoooray!). Of course you don't just wear any kind of shoes to complete your outfit, there are different kinds of shoes made for the right type of looks so sometimes you really have to be picky about it or else the whole look would become a disaster.

Cap from Deby Binalla
Top from Aidx Paredes

Photos by Deby Binalla


  1. Creepers are great! They look so good with this outfit!