Summer ends in the Philippines and the rainy season is up to reign the skies. Everyone expects for the cold weather, but it seems like here in PH, the atmosphere just can't get enough of the summer heat. So instead of wearing pants or long sleeved clothes, I pulled out this look that is just right for the weather.

Anyways I gotta apologize for not being able to update my blog for the whole summer, but as I promised myself, I'll have a come back with a whole new wardrobe and a brand new look. Also, sorry guys if I finally did let go of my my redhead trademark and I'm trying to bulk up a bit, it's kinda part of the whole "rebirth" thing that I'm working on..

Black Velvet Hat. Though it may rain or shine, this hat will surely save you from both and not just that, it might even save your look from just being plain to getting real chic. It serves as an accessory if you don't wanna look too simple. I usually would pair this hat if I'm wearing plain shirts or complimenting outfits. And of course I won't settle to just wearing it in my head also, so I curled down my hair to the side too. Credits to lookbookers all around the globe for inspiring me to wear a hat in my looks!

Clear Glasses from Forever 21. Just so you know I have a 20/20 vision but that won't stop me from trying out these glasses. They're not just for the sake of having an accessory but glasses actually help you make your face look smaller. Knowing the shape of your face and the right frame of glasses to compliment it would really do the trick and maybe soon I'll be teaching you about it.

Floral Top from Forever 21. Rose print in black shirt is perfect, it looks elegant and at the same time won't get you to look fat. This is actually my new favorite shirt and yeah I've been wearing it a lot, but who won't? LOL! Style tip: Maybe it's time to roll up those sleeves to show up those muscles (Well that is if you have) but even if you don't, you'd actually look more sexy and stylish.

Black Shorts from Regatta. I'm really hooked up in shorts right now and it's actually the right thing to be especially for this season that shorts are actually pushing in the trends.

Leather Sandals from Forever 21. I apologize for not having a picture of the sandals I'm wearing, I totally forgot about it and after I remembered, my feet didn't look worthy of publishing here. LOL! Anyways, its sandals for shorts in this look and sandals for men are really trending now so you bet you gotta get yours now.

Rona Jane S. Buca for the photos


  1. Your outfit is very on trend, I really like it. If I didn't need glasses, I'd probably wear them anyway. They can do so much to frame the face.
    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

    1. Thanks Raissa! Maybe soon I'll be posting about frames and face shapes too.