Summer vacation is really just a few days away, but here in the Philippines Mr. Sunshine is just too busy burning out other cities. Rain keeps on falling and how I wish it could have been snow instead, and the weather gets very unpredictable everyday. You actually wouldn't know if its gonna rain or what so getting all dressed up with a leather jacket might just save me from the cold breeze.

Leather Jacket from Debenhams. Wore this jacket "Sans Sleeves" style - just a term I saw in the internet while scanning through some outfit inspirations. It is what one fashion blogger called when coats or jackets are just worn on the shoulders where you can't really see the arms. Wearing a coat or a jacket like this actually gives you two things; style and comfort for the cold weather. And you can just easily take it off if ever the sun decides to show up.

Leather Hand/Shoulder Bag. Nothing beats pairing pieces with the same texture. A leather jacket plus a leather bag is just perfect. Well I wasn't able to pose for a shot here that's why the bag is facing backwards. I think I was looking for my phone or my wallet here. LOL

White Over-sized Top from Forever21. So I bought this gorgeous long-sleeved top and fell in love with it. It's very comfortable to wear since it cotton and gives a sexy-classy look paired with skinny pants. Tucked it in on the front and let it drop at the back - style tip when it comes to over-sized tops.

Designer Inspired Lion Medallion. Of course accessories for the finishing touches. Actually I am wearing two kinds of necklaces; a very long chain and the lion medallion. Pairing up the right blings would do the trick  most especially when they compliment each other just like these two.

Debby DEBUNNY Binalla for the Photos


  1. Your outfit and hair are both so perfect. I really like the details on the leather jacket.

  2. Pretty cool!
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