Floral prints and clothes were everywhere last year and it did make a big statement to the people wearing them. It's pleasing in the eyes, very much classy and quite refreshing to look at like bringing me into a happy mood kind of a feeling. So before it goes down the drain to being the so last season's trend (which I think is pretty much happening already) I tried to pull off a look with floral prints all over.

I've been hooked up with a lot of outfit posts in lookbook lately and I've been very inspired by people there. I get pretty much excited in wearing clothes inspired by my favorite lookbookers but unfortunately I just don't have the pieces of clothes like theirs.

Floral printed/painted top from Aidx Paredes. I really have to give my gratitude to Aidx Paredes for letting me borrow this magnificent floral printed top. I actually fell in love with it. The pastel colors of the prints and its fit around the arms is just perfect.

Just bought this trendy hat which I've been also seeing in lookbook. Compliments a lot of looks and not to mention gives a very stylish edge to the outfit.

Got this cool round glasses also from Aidx Paredes whch really compliments the round hat and the vintage designer inspired lion medallion I'm wearing around my neck.

Boots from SM. And of course these black leather boots from SM Department Store. I could have worn creepers but I still gotta own one. LOL!

Deby Binalla for the photos

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