Camouflage pants, shirts, caps or bags - fashion now gets inspired by the "cool factor". Let's face it, looking at people on camou uniform, police badges, navy caps and even army boots is cool and I get goosebumps just by passing by them. Well this is not something new in the fashion industry since past trends have there way of coming back to present days, nevertheless, I tried digging in my masculinity and put up this look for a change.

Wore a camouflage pants and leather boots, tossed with the right accessories and boom! Now were rollin' with a swag on! (No I don't really say this phrase but its never too late to try it on. Hahaha!)

Cap from Daily Grind. Credits to Raymond Cumbe for the cap. Just borrowed it for a while to complete the whole look. Well this is actually my first time wearing a cap so I really get conscious on how to wear it. I recommend on playing with your hair to give yourself that not-so-plain look, just like mine curled down to the side.

Dog tag leather strap and metallic accessories. Don't forget the matching accessories for the finishing touches. I wore a dog tag to get that military personnel look and a leather-strapped bracelet with metallic buttons with my diamond studded watch from Aldo. Colors and textures doesn't only matter in clothes but in accessories too (Well at least that's what I learned in the long run in the industry) so be sure to get a little picky even with the accessories.

Camouflage pants from Forever 21. Just bought this camouflage pants and you bet I was so excited in wearing them. Camous are not only trendy but also very convenient to wear since you can pair them up with basic tees and jeans. You can even wear them with a razor-back for a sexy fit.

Leather boots from SM. And of course my all time favorite boots. The military-inspired look will never be complete without these.

Deby Binalla for the awesome pictures

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  1. I hate it when people make weird stares whenever someone wear camouflage casually. Good thing you styled it coolly :)

    Thirdbite | style blog