Summer vacation is really just a few days away, but here in the Philippines Mr. Sunshine is just too busy burning out other cities. Rain keeps on falling and how I wish it could have been snow instead, and the weather gets very unpredictable everyday. You actually wouldn't know if its gonna rain or what so getting all dressed up with a leather jacket might just save me from the cold breeze.


Floral prints and clothes were everywhere last year and it did make a big statement to the people wearing them. It's pleasing in the eyes, very much classy and quite refreshing to look at like bringing me into a happy mood kind of a feeling. So before it goes down the drain to being the so last season's trend (which I think is pretty much happening already) I tried to pull off a look with floral prints all over.


Camouflage pants, shirts, caps or bags - fashion now gets inspired by the "cool factor". Let's face it, looking at people on camou uniform, police badges, navy caps and even army boots is cool and I get goosebumps just by passing by them. Well this is not something new in the fashion industry since past trends have there way of coming back to present days, nevertheless, I tried digging in my masculinity and put up this look for a change.