Just got featured again in the My Style section of STYLEBIBLE.PH! Posted a few though and thank God this one made it through! :) The My Style section of Style Bible is actually more like Look Book where you can post your own outfit and even browse from tons of them. Though you can't hype or even fan posters to follow their looks, My Style is actually great if you're into just looking for outfit inspirations and since it is Philippine-based, outfits there are usually for the Philippine trend and weather so it's easy to browse for the "what's in" and comfy outfits.


Last year, well I guess 'til now, I've been pulling off preppy looks for everyday wear, but honestly I looked like I've been aging fast with those clothes that people can say I'm already twenty-five, AND I'M JUST EIGHTEEN!! But seriously I'm twenty-one. So I decided to unpack my old clothes and shoes back to its rightful place, my closet. Here's a new look to get myself back on track and of course back to my younger fashion spirit.


First photoshoot for Debunny Studios! One of the growing local artists in Davao City. Though I'm no stranger to her since she'd been taking my photos for my fashion blog since... ever, she has finally decided to step it up a notch and built a platform to showcase her passion for photography, videography, music and art.