Last year, well I guess 'til now, I've been pulling off preppy looks for everyday wear, but honestly I looked like I've been aging fast with those clothes that people can say I'm already twenty-five, AND I'M JUST EIGHTEEN!! But seriously I'm twenty-one. So I decided to unpack my old clothes and shoes back to its rightful place, my closet. Here's a new look to get myself back on track and of course back to my younger fashion spirit.

Nope! No biceps for me. Guess it's pure attitude... and angles... okay, and makeup. It's no secret though ;)
ROUND GLASSES WITH SIDE SHIELDS AND BLACK POLKA DOT SHIRT. All from Aidx Paredes. Wore this shirt like two years ago and I just felt like wearing it again today with better styling.
LEATHER JACKET FROM TERRANOVA. So I never thought that it was doable, or even forgivable, to tie a leather jacket around the waist. I thought this trend only goes for long-sleeved clothes like sweaters and button down shirts, but after seeing my friends, I was totally inspired to wrinkle down a leather jacket on my waist.
CREEPERS FROM PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. My inch-high platform wonders. Ahhh! The creepers. I was really looking forward to wearing this babies and now I just got the perfect outfit for it, not to mention the perfect shoes to finish that street style getup!


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