So yes I am finally entering the corporate world, that is if I get a job soon or something, but I plan to be as casual and stylish as I can when looking for a job or even when I am already in a job. Companies have high standards and that wouldn’t just include your resume but it is essential that you put on a look that will make that HR officer say; “YOU'RE HIRED!”

Yes I’ve just graduated from college last March and I never thought that I’d have to give up a lot upon entering the real world. So say bye-bye to my red blazing hair, popping red lipstick and sheer tops and high-heeled shoes ‘cause I really had to be casual if I want to be employed in a company. But yeah I’d do anything to get my old look back but since I’m pretty sure I won’t get a job as a writer in a magazine, a stylist, designer, a movie star or an artist, then yeah I have to stick with the corporate world.

 But no, I will never step out of the runway still. Sure I threw away my trademark but there's one important thing that'll never leave my system, and that is keeping the class. Though you're a fashion enthusiast, don't just invest on the trendy clothes that will eventually be out of style the next season, try buying the classics and pair them up to get yourself on the catwalk.

CLASSIC BUTTON-DOWN POLO. A white long-sleeved button down polo is a must on your wardrobe 'cause it can basically go with anything from jeans to shorts. You can always button it up to the collar or just open it wide at the top if you feel sexy. On the other hand, men with huge forearms and nice watches can just roll up those sleeves too.

MATCHING THE SHADES OF BROWN. Pairing black and white looks too plain, so how about trying other colors like classy shades of brown? Colors are really important to keeping a great look so don't forget to follow some style basics just like pairing your bag and shoes. Patterns don't need to match all the time 'cause colors would actually do the trick.

And yeah, don't accessorize too much, being glamorous is not the same with being classy. If you're up for work or a cup of coffee then this look is just right for you.

Bag from Deby Binalla
Photos by Deby Binalla

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  1. Aw, you could still dress up on your days off! I hope we still get to see some of that, I really like your true looks. :)