Imagine cherry blossoms sway as a strong cold wind sway its petals away.
It caresses me, although I haven't seen any cherry blossoms yet, but hey! It is just the same as being at the top of a hill on a windy day with green leaves sway around your face. LOL

Why am I talking about cherry blossoms and mountains and winds anyway? Well its really my first time to show up with a look like this my whole life. A polo shirt all tucked in a fit pants with a big belt to top it all off, and I'm surprised, I really felt comfortable but very fashionable.

Its the floral prints that certainly pulled it off. Bought it at HUMAN during our shopping spree last new year and I was really hooked up with floral prints that time. Though they say that its kinda like a Hawaiian top, hell I'll stick with calling it Spring Fashion. LOL

All tucked in with my mom's belt which I really think she bought a couple of hundreds of years ago from whichever mall that was alive back then. This Bronze dyed jeggings from Sabella really did complement my hair color did it?

And of course my all new favorite shoes from Primadona which I featured in my last outfit post.

Rona Jane Buca my beloved photographer
The Aidx Paredes and Chi Narciso for teaching me tricks on Photoshop ;)

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