What more to get everybody's eyes but to get DENIM-IZED.

So I'm getting monochromatic again this year and tried to wear some other colors apart from red and black which I really am fond of. So I tried hooking up with blue this time and wore this denimish blue long sleeves from Oxygen and pants from Human.

Both from different brands yet there color really do look alike. Well that's the result of all the hard work that me and my mom went through after raiding in malls in Davao City just to look for new clothes.

And check out this bag from Folded & Hung which I bought as a gift for myself just this new year. Well I really don't have anything to put inside a big bag like this, since I go to school with only a pen and a single notebook (well sometimes just a pen) but this will do if you have your laptop with you.

And finally! My all new favorite shoes from Primadona
YES, I am wearing women's shoes and YES it fits just right. 
If the shoes are familiar, then you might have seen it in Vhong Navarro's Agent X44 movie as what everyone says, but it sure did remind me of the King of Pop Michael Jackson doing his famous moon-walk.

Photographer: Rona Jane S. Buca
Photo Edited by THE Aidx Paredes

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