After the big premiere night of Aidx Paredes' film Afterdark on the big screen, he decided to invite me into his house for the night. Of course I wasn't ready for it and I had to go home just to get a couple of things (Well I actually didn't bring anything except for my bag filled with beauty kit. Haha!) I even forgot to bring a charger for my phone and a... uhm nevermind.  

Anyway I was kinda excited to finally go to their house after his nth invite. Its been a while since my last sleep-over in a friends house and not to mention I'm gonna be sleeping in a fashion blogger's house! Before we arrived, I was actually imagining Aidx's room to look more like a closet rather than a room, and so it was. A whole closet in a bedroom form. How I wanted to steal and run off with his whole room torn apart from the entire house. LOL!

Enough of my silly imagination and check out these photos of me wearing The Aidx Paredes' clothes, styled by The Aidx Paredes, photographed by The Aidx Paredes himself. Turned out to becoming his human doll for the night and I was like ridiculously excited for these pictures to come out. After every flash of the camera, I quickly undressed myself as if I'm a real model with my dear friend Loisa as my PA, while Aidx on the other hand was running to get more pieces of clothes in his room. It was like my dream (modeling) being realized but only for less than 30 minutes of my life, and I was extremely happy of it.

Young Blood The Aidx Paredes for the clothes and lovely pictures. 
Do check out his fashion and more at WWW.AIDXPAREDES.COM.

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