This is what I wore during our family vacation last sembreak at SECDEA Resort, Samal Island. Why dress-up so fancy when going to the beach? Well basically I don't really go swimming when the sun is still up. I'm scared of the whole idea of getting tanned and it really takes so much effort, not to mention it would also be expensive, getting that silky-white skin tone back. So rather than getting myself burned in the sun, I choose to have a little walk around the resort instead. Just sitting down at the poolside, eating ice-cream, enjoying a stroll in the resort's mangrove-walk and watching the sun fall to sleep. Relaxing is the real idea of having a vacation after all.

So about my look. Its a basic shirt + shorts but picking the right style and color is something that anyone should always consider. It's always important to visualize first about what you are going to wear. Though you may think of something so simple like this one, topping it up with the right accessories will definitely do the trick.
Check out this straw fedora hat that I just bought at Folded & Hung matching my belt and shorts from Oxygen. It's actually my first time to dress myself up with a hat, so I also ended up experimenting on what kind of hairstyle will I be doing. Then I brought with me this black leather bag from Solo, which my mom gave me during my birthday.

Also, thank you so much Young Blood, The Aidx Paredes for this cool pair of glasses!! It was actually my long time dream in having a pair of these since I kept on seeing it in lookbook and I also tried looking everywhere just to buy them.
A white v-neck shirt for a fresh clean look from Folded & Hung. I actually fell in love with this shirt and I really don't know why. Maybe it is because I can wear it with any color of jeans and shorts. And check out the folds at the arm part, it's actually designed and stitched already to look like that and it does look good emphasizing my arms a bit.
Credits to my sister for this sparkling diamond-studded watch she bought me from Aldo.
Brown cotton shorts from Oxygen which I folded up to make my legs look taller and make my look more stylish. Buckled it up with a leather black belt matching the colors in my hat.
For my footwear, I bought these pair of leather sandals from Milanos. It's a gladiator-ish type of sandal for men and I've been seeing a lot of people wearing them now.

Rona Jane S. Buca for the photos

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