Years from now I wanna be a Mafia Boss, a king of the underworld. The power and wealth, guns and goons, going out in the streets of the city all suit up with a briefcase and a cigarette, shooting people around then being chased down by policemen. Well that's one exciting life if you ask me!

But if ever I'll be a Mafia Boss, I'll be the first of my kind. Red-head, tinted-lips and high-fashion lord of the underworld (or maybe lady of the underworld? Queen? Empress? King of kings? WOW!) Just imagine me seated on a dark room with a single light bulb dangling on the ceiling having a serious underground business with big time criminals. Would they really take a man wearing heavy make-up with matching stilettos seriously? (Probably, if I'll stick a gun in their throat. LOL!)
Imagination aside, here is my latest outfit post - a Mafia Boss inspired outfit.
Pocket-studded coat from no other than the Youngest Blood of all, The Aidx Paredes. For my inners, I bought this razor-back top from Forever 21 printed with a gold-printed gothic cross.

Then I paired it all up with this fantastic black skinny pants also from Forever 21. It's my new favorite pair of pants since the fit is just perfect and its very comfortable to wear since its cotton-made.
For my shoes, I have these really cool boots I bought from SM that I have been dying to wear.
And to finish my look, I brought with me this bag from Folded & Hung that looks like a big black envelope/ briefcase where I can put the millions of dollars and firearms that I need (Just for the "Mafia-boss" image sake)

Miss Rona Jane S. Buca, my ever beautiful photographer
The Aidx Paredes for the coat

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