It has been a year and god I really don't know what to say, maybe I'm just so thankful of everything that has happened to me and my life. 2013 I think was the biggest year for me and for my career. Got to host a lot of big events with my forever partner Ralz San Pedro and also got featured in two big magazines. Much credit to the guy who has been pushing me to my dreams, Young Blood The Aidx Paredes. I bet you've notice seeing his name a lot of times in my recent posts, well that's because he's always been with me in this whole thing and he has actually been influencing me through a lot of stuff lately (including vices, haha!).

Of course all of my posts would be impossible if it wasn't for my forever supportive friend Rona Jane S. Buca who has been my photographer for like.. forever. She actually doesn't get anything from our shoots together except for sun exposure, that's why I'm so thankful for her and I really don't know how to start paying her back.

To you guys who has been following and reading my posts, checking out my pictures, I hope even just a little I have influenced you at some point (even just with yout hair-color) 'cause I think its the whole point of my blog. Thank you guys for keeping up with me, and this 2014 you bet I'll be posing and posting more.

I think I'll be paying attention with colors and details this year. Whatcha think? :)

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