Congratulations to the Accountancy Division, the Volleytenista: Battle of Spikes 2013 Champions!
The grand entrance of the official hosts of Volleytenista riding on jet-skis!
Well what can I say. WHOHOOO! Yes its us again at your service. I was very excited to go to the event because of this since it's my first time ever to ride on a jet-ski. I just loved it! 
(Well who would never loved it if this guy is the driver) This is the part where I say: I LOVE MY JOB!

It's All About The Fun!

The Nylite Project Competition

The Nylite Project is an international shoe design contest by Tretorn and this one is the first ever Nylite Project held in Mindanao only at Volleytenista: Battle of Spikes 2013. Contestants from all over Davao City and also bloggers from manila went all the way to the south just to join this contest.

It's All About The Party!

Surprise production number with surprise choreography by our one and only Sir Rikki Enriquez!
Congratulations Red Republic Productions!

The summer fever will never end as long as the sun is still up and the beach has yet gone dry. Everyone still craves for that summer feeling and what better way to satisfy that craving than letting it all out at Volleytenista: Battle of Spikes 2013! – One of the most awaited beach volleyball competition of the year where it was definitely not all about the game but was absolutely all about the fun.

Last July 28, everyone was suited up for the beach. Trunks, bikinis, sun-glasses, DJ’s and beers (told you it was not all about the game. LOL!) everyone was obviously up for the day and though its already pushing August, getting tanned by the sun was still an option.

The event was sponsored by Roxy and Quicksilver and some other local brands from different industries and was produced by Red Republic Productions. Like their last event, the Bluestarrt 2013, the production team had no profit from the event; proceeds helped build homes for the women and their children at Talikala – an organization for the prostituted women in Davao City. And the production team had much of their gratitude to more than 300 volleyball enthusiasts, beach-lovers and party monsters who went to the event and went for a better cost.

Rona Jane S. Buca
Janica Pamaong 
For the beautiful pictures!

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